Tax Preparation Services in Carnation, WA

Pencil on a Tax FormHumphrey’s Tax Service operates continuously throughout the year, providing federal and state tax preparation for your personal, business, and corporate income tax returns. Our goal is to take the pain out of the preparation and filing process. We know you can’t escape taxes, but our excellent service makes the task as simple and easy as it can be. Our extensive knowledge, continuous training, and personalized service ensure that you get the best possible service and the largest refund possible.

Our goal is to “audit-proof” your tax return, providing the IRS necessary information before they ask for it. This ensures that your tax experience is as brief and enjoyable as possible.

How We Charge

Our fees are based on the forms necessary to file your taxes. Over the last 50 years, we find this is the fairest way for our customers and us. This allows us to only charge for the work that is involved rather than a per-hour rate. An average personal tax return preparation is about $150 and includes a Schedule 1040, W2s, 1099s, Schedule “A,” Schedule “B,” and possibly some dividends.

Contact us to take advantage of any of our tax preparation services. We serve clients throughout the country and the world from our headquarters in Carnation, Washington.